The Decoder Pronunciation Guide is an innovative tool that teaches you how to pronounce all the sounds of a language. Our app presents the phonetic rules by using examples for each sound and then breaks down each word even further. By using carefully chosen English approximations, the app lets you comfortably build up words in your new language—all  from English sounds you already know!

With a carefully selected and limited set of examples, repeated engagement with these words will help you establish connections between the context and pronunciation. You’ll also find as a bonus that these new vocabulary items will effortlessly become ingrained in your memory.


  •  Innovative pronunciation guide with easy-to-remember English approximations ― Use English words you already know! No need to learn awkward transcriptions.
  • 350+ examples with high-quality native speaker audio ― multiple examples are given for every sound. Reinforce your knowledge and learn new vocabulary!
  • Syllable-by-syllable pronunciation breakdown ― Listen at your own pace. Focus on any part of the word. See how words are put together!
  •  Clean, simple, quick and easy-to-use interface
  •  No internet connection required ― Perfect for on-the-go learning!

“Fantastique! ★★★★★
I have taught French for 30 years and was skeptical about this app until I tried it. It is unique in its approach. When English words are used to highlight a sound similar to a French sound, the learner simply clicks on the letter in the English word to hear a native speaker pronounce that sound….”

— Collette 1

“Perfect Reference App ★★★★★
I am always referring back to this app as I learn German on my own. When I encounter a word that is pronounced differently than I first thought, I stop back here and figure the rule out. This is a must have app for people who want to sound native.”

— Avepally

“Great! ★★★★★
I learnt mandarin as a kid, but always had difficulty with some of the sounds. The teachers had a hard time explaining how to pronounce the sound, and you either heard it and was able to replicate it with your lips and tongue, or you were just stuck. This app is great, because it gives you the English equivalent sounds! I’ve been refreshing my pronunciation with this, and it really works. I like the example words that come with the sound. Best pinyin tool yet.”

— cloudriderwu


Unfortunately, we’re sad to report that we have had to discontinue our line of Decoder Pronunciation Guides, and apologize that we can no longer provide support for iOS upgrades.

At the same time, we have received feedback from many of our amazing users who found the Decoder Pronunciation Guides to be helpful in their language studies, so we hope that in the future we can find a way to make this viable again. If you still would like to see the Decoder Pronunciation Guides make a comeback, please do drop us a quick line to help us gauge interest.

We’ll be sure to notify you of any updates! Until then, good luck with your language studies!